Review of the Victorian College for the Deaf

An independent and objective review of the Victorian College for the Deaf commenced in term 3, 2018. Oversight of the review, led by an independent chair, is being provided by a review panel including representatives of the Deaf ‚Äčand hard of hearing community.

To ensure the Review Panel has a deep understanding of the community's concerns and aspirations for the future of the Victorian College for the Deaf, it has:

  • met with key stakeholders
  • hosted a community workshop which was attended by a range of interested people including students, parents, teachers, stakeholders and advocacy groups
  • conducted an online survey and submission process through the Engage Victoria website platform.

An accredited school reviewer has also been working closely with the Acting Principal and school staff to review its performance against the last School Strategic Plan and to develop a set of key directions for the next strategic plan including goals, targets and key improvement strategies.

The school reviewer's report was presented to the College in term 4 2018 and the senior education improvement leader is actively supporting the school leadership team.

The Independent Chair has submitted a draft Victorian College for the Deaf Review Report for consideration by an Internal Governance Group, after which a further draft will be prepared.

While the recommendations of the broader review are yet to be finalised, work is already underway to progress the outcomes of the school review process.

The Department will provide information to school staff, parents, students, stakeholders and the broader community after the Victorian College for the Deaf Review Report has been finalised. Information will also be provided on the Engage Victoria website.


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