2018-2022 Strategic plan

Our 2018–2022 strategic plan sets our overarching direction over the next four years. It outlines:

  • our vision
  • objectives and outcomes
  • how we will achieve them.

The plan brings together current and planned policy reforms, including Education State initiatives and key organisational reforms into a single narrative.

Strategic intent

The strategic intent sets out our vision for Victorians:

Together we give every Victorian the best learning and development experience, making our state a smarter, fairer and more prosperous place.

As part of this vision:

  • children and young people are confident, optimistic, healthy and resilient
  • students reach their potential, regardless of background, place, circumstance or abilities
  • Victorians develop knowledge, skills and attribute needed now and for the jobs of the future
  • our workforce is high performing, empowered, valued and supported.

The strategic intent outlines:

  • our objectives in achieving this vision
  • how it will approach this work through service and funding reform, workforce strategies, partnership, innovation and organisational reform.

Priority direction

Implementing the government's vision to make Victoria the Education State is our key priority direction.