Key staff


The Secretary is directly responsible for management of the Department.

Jenny Atta

photo of Jenny Atta, Secretary, Victorian Department of Education and TrainingJenny Atta has been the Secretary of the Department since March 2019.

Jenny joined the Department in December 2015, as Deputy Secretary, Infrastructure and Finance Services Group. In this role, she was responsible for the management and oversight of the Department’s financial, procurement and information technology services, along with strategic advice and planning for state budget processes, and infrastructure policy and delivery across the education and training portfolio.

Jenny has many years’ experience in senior public service leadership roles, notably at the Department of Treasury and Finance where she led the portfolio analysis function within Budget and Finance.

Deputy Secretaries

The seven Deputy Secretaries are directly responsible for each Group within our departmental structure:

  • Policy Reform Group - Simon Kent
  • Strategy and Performance Group - Katherine Whetton
  • Infrastructure and Finance Services Group - Katherine Whetton (acting)
  • People and Executive Services Group - Kate Rattigan
  • Early Childhood and School Education Group - Katy Haire
  • Higher Education and Skills Group - Simon Hollingsworth
  • Regional Services Group - Bruce Armstrong