Statistics for Victorian schools

​This page includes statistical data and data cubes for Victorian schools

Statistical brochure and flyer (July 2018)

The flyer and brochure are revised in April and July each year.

Excel data cubes (February 2018)

These data cube files are reissued with updated data from the February school census during the middle of each calendar year.

Definitions and derived calculations

These documents provide information on definitions and derived calculations for class sizes and apparent retention and transition rates.


From 2017, data on expulsions in Victorian government schools is published annually.​ This data is available:

  • Total number of expulsions state-wide.
  • Number of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students expelled.
  • Number of primary and secondary school students expelled.

​Incidents of expulsions​ in 2017

​Primary school students​23
​Secondary school students​258

Incidents of expulsion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students​ in 2017

​ATSI students​18
​Non-ATSI students​267

This data represents incidents of expulsion in Victorian government schools between 1 January and 31 December 2017.

Information on the 2018 school year will be available in 2019.