Make a complaint

We aim to deliver high quality advice and services to the people of Victoria. We welcome your feedback both positive and negative. Your feedback can help us improve our services.

We run a large range of services, so complaints are best handled by the relevant area. Please check the list below to find the right complaints process.

Complaints about government schools

To make a complaint, follow the process in: Parent complaints about government schools

If the complaint is not resolved after following the full process, it is referred to The Independent Office for School Dispute Resolution

Complaints about childcare or children's services

To make a complaint about most early childhood services, such as child care, see: Complaints about childcare or children's services

A small number of early childhood services run under state law and have a different process. To make a complaint about these services, see: Complaints about early childhood services that run under state law

To make a complaint about the Department's regulation staff, see: Complaints about Department regulation staff

Curriculum and Examinations

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) will respond to issues regarding the school curriculum, examinations, and NAPLAN. See: VCAA Complaints handling policy and procedures

Regulation of schools and student exchange

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) investigates complaints against Victorian schools and student exchange organisations. See: VRQA complaints

Victorian Registered Training Organisations

The VRQA investigates complaints against training organisations registered by them. See: VRQA complaints

Complaints about Department employees

See the HRWeb complaints procedures

Department staff can also use Education Speak Up (EduMail PIN and Password required)

Our complaints charter

When you make a complaint we will:

  • outline the process for dealing with your complaint
  • provide you with any reasonable assistance to lodge your complaint
  • treat you respectfully
  • act impartially and objectively
  • maintain confidentiality and privacy as required
  • provide an indicative time for addressing your issue
  • keep you informed of the progress of our inquiries
  • when extended time is required provide reasons for our decision
  • inform you of your rights of internal or external review.


If you wish to pass on a compliment, please contact the Department switchboard on (03) 9637 2000 and ask for the business area concerned.

For general enquiries, see: Contact Us