Support Your School initiative (SYSI)

The department is committed to supporting schools to manage the impact of COVID-19 and is seeking eligible applicants to work within our Victorian schools to provide short term, casual support throughout 2022.

Candidates for teaching roles may include:

All candidates for teaching roles must hold current registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) prior to starting employment. 

Final year PSTs interested in employment under the above Permission to Teach (PTT) category should register their interest through the department (see details below). VIT will then contact eligible applicants directly with details on how to submit an application for PTT.

Successful individuals for roles in Victorian government schools will be employed on a casual basis as either:

  • casual education support
  • casual classroom teachers
  • casual paraprofessionals.

For CRTs with full/provisional VIT registration: Register your interest directly to the department

CRT Applicants (General Public and Current Teachers)

To register your immediate interest for CRT work in Victorian Government schools, please complete the General Public - express your interest in short-term CRT relief form.

Schools looking for CRTs

This service is for schools to: 

  • contact the SYSI team upon exhaustion of the job opportunity pool; and 
  • where regular CRT agencies are unable to help with backfilling a teacher. 

Schools should first use their standard approach to fill any short-term staff vacancies.

If those avenues are unsuccessful, then call or email the department once all other measures have been exhausted. 

To register your interest in sourcing a CRT, complete the Support Your Schools Initiative - Expression of Interest in short-term CRT relief form detailing your subject requirements and date preferences.

Short term roles in Victorian government schools through the Job Opportunities

If you're interested in short term roles in Victorian government schools as part of this initiative, register your interest by submitting your application including a CV and select 'Support Your School Initiative' via the 'Add your resume to ROL Job Opportunities' section of the department's Recruitment Online platform.

Apply for Support Your School initiative roles

Short term roles in Victorian Catholic sector schools

If you're interested in short term roles in Victorian Catholic sector schools as part of this initiative, complete the Register your interest in roles at Victorian Catholic schools webform. 

For final year PSTs: register your interest and availability

Final year PSTs can register interest in short term COVID-19 relief teaching roles at Victorian government and/or Catholic sector schools. 

To register your interest, complete the applicable process(es). If you're interested in roles in both sectors, register your interest through both processes.

Further information – contact details

For further information on short term roles in Victorian government schools, please contact the Support Your School Initiative team on:

  • phone: 1800 641 943 (follow directions to Recruitment Enquiries, then option 3; the phone line will be available 8 am to 6 pm, 5 days a week)
  • email:

For information on short term roles for final year PSTs in Victorian Catholic sector schools please email

Further general information is available on casual employment through school councils.