Nominations and key dates

How to nominate

To nominate you must:

  1. meet the eligibility criteria for the award you are nominating for
  2. register to nominate
  3. prepare an overview
  4. address the selection criteria
  5. attach all required supporting evidence.

Read the conditions of entry (docx - 26.72kb)

Key dates – nominations

Friday 26 June
​Nomination writing assistance close
Friday 3 July, midnightNominations close​
​July​Eligibility review
Mid JulyShortlisting
Late July​All nominees notified.
August ​Finalist interviews commence​


Writing assistance

If you need help in preparing your nomination, contact the VTA team. They can put you in touch with a writer who can review your draft and make sure your nomination is of the highest possible quality.

Top tips

  1. Start today – don't wait until the last minute to begin your nomination.
  2. Cover your bases – read the selection criteria for your category and the conditions of entry (docx - 26.72kb) carefully.
  3. Tell your story – what have you done? How have you achieved it? Use practical examples and provide evidence.
  4. Mind your language – avoid using slang words, jargon or too many acronyms. Keep your language simple, clear and concise.
  5. Final checks – don’t forget to proof read your nomination. Ask someone else to read it for you.
  6. Ask for help! – ask your employer, teacher/trainer or colleagues for honest feedback. If you need assistance in writing your nomination, contact the VTA team.
  7. Think big and aim high – make your nomination stand out and aim to take your place among the best of the best.
  8. Don’t be late – submit your nomination before nominations close. 
  9. And finally – should you have any questions the VTA team are here to help. Just contact us before the closing date.

Judging process

Evaluation and judging takes approximately 10 weeks. There are four stages:

Eligibility evaluation

The Victorian Training Awards team and relevant regulatory bodies evaluate the nominations. They use the eligibility requirements to assess and decide whether the nomination is shortlisted as eligible for the next stage.

Selection of finalists

The judging panel will shortlist nominations, deciding which nominees go to the interview stage.

Finalist interviews

Finalist interviews will take place at the Department of Education and Training, Treasury Place, East Melbourne. The selection criteria will be used as the basis for the questions that will be asked.

Award winners decided

Once the interview process is complete, the judging panel will decide the award winner for each category. Winners will be announced at the gala ceremony in September.

All nominees will be notified of the outcome of their nomination. They can ask for feedback for a period of 15 days after the date of notification.

Nomination guide

You can download the 2020 Victorian Training Awards Nomination Guide (pdf - 1.84mb). Please note that dates are subject to change.