About the Premier's VCE Awards

The Premier’s VCE Awards recognises students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

The 2020 Premier’s VCE Awards will be held on Wednesday 29 April 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Award winners will be notified in March 2020 and invitations to the award ceremony will also be sent out at this time.

The 2019 Premier’s VCE Awards were held on Monday 3 June 2019. More than 1000 guests attended the ceremony, at which 290 award recipients were presented with Premier’s VCE Awards for their exceptional study outcomes in 2018.

Awards were presented in three categories to: 21 Top All-Round VCE High Achievers; three Top International Students; and 293 Study Award recipients across 87 VCE subjects.

Audio transcript

[Nathan Pavey - Dance (VCE VET) study award]
I think if you’re very passionate about something, you’re going to find a way no matter what. You can sometimes feel like it’s not worth it, you can feel like you’re putting so much of yourself into your schooling and it’s so much pressure… but for people to see that it is worth it and that rewards do come. It just takes time and patience but great things can come from it.

[James White - Agricultural and Horticultural studies award]
When I first got my score I was thinking “oh i didn’t quite get my 50 I was aiming for” which that’s what I suppose you aim for, everyone tries. But yeah, when I found out I actually got a Premier’s Award, I was like “wow, maybe I did do pretty well and my work paid off”. So I was pretty happy. Yeah.

[Maryam Ahmed - Psychology study award]
The Premier’s VCE Awards are not just a reflection of our own achievements as students. A lot of credit goes to our teachers and our family who have supported us through that and I personally really think that this award reflects them, not just me.

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