Submissions are now open.
Submissions close 5.00pm, 9 August.

How to submit your project

You must register your submission on-line at 2019 VSDA.

Each of the assessment criteria need to be individually addressed. You need to demonstrate the realisation of four key education principles, how it specifically met the clients brief, cost effectiveness and timeliness of delivery of the project, if the selected materials were relevant and how any challenges met.

Some tips to help you prepare

Log onto the award website 2019 VSDA and enter your details with a password. We suggest you open your submission early, taking time to draft your responses.  There is a 250 word limit for each criteria. When working online, be sure to save each page before continuing on to the next criteria.

We suggest you discuss the submission with the school community representative (usually the principal) who worked on the project with you. They will need to contribute to your submission, describing how well they think the design met the brief and expectations.

Take the time to organise a photographer to take professional shots of the school exterior and interior. These will be used on our public websites, showcasing best practice in design to schools undertaking similar projects. Any students in the photos will need to have permission slips signed, otherwise blurred images are acceptable.

Please attach at least 10 images that must include site plans and elevations to allow enough specific criteria for adjudication by the judging panel.

Please also include a photo of the team who worked on the project. This will be incorporated into the Award Ceremony in November if you are a successful finalist.