Victorian Purchasing Guides

​​Victorian Purchasing Guides (VPG) contain nominal hour allocations for units of competency and maximum hour allocations for qualifications within training packages. They also contain sample training programs that have been developed for nationally endorsed training packages.

You can view the purchasing guides and resources by selecting the relevant CMM area from the list below.​


Building Industries - Building and Construction

Construction, Plumbing and Services (Course Code: CPC)

VPG Date: 9 November 2016

VPG Guide:


This Victorian Purchasing guide reflects the changes made to CPC Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package release 2.

Two (2) revised qualifications:

  • CPC30116 Certificate III in Shopfitting
  • CPC30216 Certificate III in Signs and Graphics.

Thirty-seven new/revised units of competency.

Construction, Plumbing and Services (Course Code: CPC08)

VPG Date: 20 May 2014

VPG Guide Current:

VPG Guide Superseded:


This Victorian Purchasing Guide reflects the changes made to CPC08 Construction and Property ServicesTraining Package Version 9, which includes the following changes:

Addition of one new qualification:

  • CPC41013 Certificate IV in Demolition.

Replacement of one or more core units in the following seven CPC08 qualifications, resulting in non-equivalent status:

  • CPC30313 Certificate III in Concreting
  • CPC30413 Certificate III in Demolition
  • CPC32313 Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation)
  • CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing
  • CPC32513 Certificate III in Plumbing (Mechanical Services)
  • CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting
  • CPC32813 Certificate III in Fire Protection.

For more information, refer to the modification.       

Building Industries - Civil Construction, Furnishing and Water

Code​Title​Current​​SupersededVPG Date
MSF​​Furnishing Current (pdf - 193.06kb)
Current (docx - 201.88kb)
Superseded (pdf - 748.36kb)
Superseded (doc - 1.55mb)
​RII​Resources and InfrastructureCurrent (pdf - 1.08mb)
Current (docx - 275.99kb)
Superseded (pdf - 630.63kb)
Superseded (docx - 216.04kb)
​NWPWater​ ​Current (pdf - 649.49kb)
Current (docx - 140.32kb)

Not applicable

NWP07​​Water Industry

(Superseded by NWP Water)
Current (pdf - 358.33kb)
Current (doc - 627.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 517.69kb)
Superseded (doc - 645kb)

Business Industries

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
​BSBBusiness Services​Current (pdf - 711.98kb)
Current (docx - 157.63kb)
Superseded (pdf - 1.24mb)
Superseded (docx - 318.03kb)
​CSCCorrectional Services​ Current (pdf - 345.45kb)
Current​ (docx - 82.1kb)
​Not applicable​29-10-15
​FNS​Financial ServicesCurrent (pdf - 514.24kb)
Current (docx - 141.54kb)
​Not applicable21​-9-16
ICA11​Information and Communications Technology

(Superseded by ICT Information and Communications Technology)
Current (pdf - 526.79kb)
Current (docx - 186.06kb)
Superseded (pdf - 519.57kb)
Superseded (docx - 134.07kb)
​ICTInformation and Communications Technology ​Current (pdf - 613.27kb)
Current (docx - 134.86kb)
​Not applicable18​-4-16
LGA04​​Local GovernmentCurrent (pdf - 320.67kb)
Current (doc - 655.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 325.46kb)
Superseded (doc - 638kb)
​CPP​Property ServicesCurrent (pdf - 274.79kb)
Current (doc - 204.5kb)
​Not applicable​26-8-16
CPP07​​Property ServicesCurrent (pdf - 717.08kb)
Current (doc - 1.56mb)
Superseded (pdf - 716.45kb)
Superseded (doc - 1.56mb)
​PUA12​Public SafetyCurrent (pdf - 310.43kb)
Current (doc - 674kb)
Superseded (pdf - 258.76kb)
Superseded (doc - 563kb)
​PSPPublic Sector​ Current (pdf - 945.3kb)
Current​ (docx - 103.51kb)
Not applicable​6-6-16​
​PSP12Public Sector

(Superseded by PSP Public Sector)
Current (pdf - 654.17kb)
Current (doc - 1.33mb)
Superseded (pdf - 630.48kb)
Superseded (doc - 1.31mb)

Engineering Industries

Engineering Industries - Automotive

Code​Title​Current​​SupersededVPG Date​
AUM​Automotive Manufacturing​ Current (pdf - 383.73kb)
Superseded (pdf - 408.53kb)
Superseded (doc - 336.5kb)
AUR​​Automotive Retail, Service and RepairCurrent (pdf - 276.23kb)
Current (doc - 160kb)
​Not applicable​25-5-16
AUR12​Automotive Retail, Service and Repair

(Superseded by AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair)
Current (pdf - 851.58kb)
Current (doc - 919.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 416.64kb)
Superseded (docx - 143.15kb)

Engineering Industries - Electrical/Electronics

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
UEP12​Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector Current (pdf - 409.44kb)
Current (docx - 95.13kb)
Superseded (pdf - 383.97kb)
Superseded (doc - 488kb)
UET12​Electricity Supply Industry – Transmission, Distribution and Rail SectorCurrent (pdf - 455.37kb)
Current (docx - 91.89kb)
Superseded (pdf - 453.06kb)
Superseded (docx - 88.97kb)

​Current (pdf (pdf - 497kb))

Current (word (docx - 47.15kb))

UEE11​​ElectrotechnologyCurrent (pdf - 730.45kb)
Current (docx - 140.24kb) 
Superseded (pdf - 718.29kb)
Superseded (doc - 966.5kb)
ICT10​​Integrated Telecommunications

(Superseded by ICT Information and Communications Technology)
Current (pdf - 384.38kb)
Current (docx - 91.81kb)
Superseded (pdf - 362.05kb)
Superseded (docx - 87.91kb)

Engineering Industries - Engineering

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date

Current (pdf - 545.84kb)
Current (docx - 142.71kb)

Not applicable​​20-4-15

​Gas Industry

Current (pdf - 316.9kb)
Current (docx - 102.41kb)
Superseded (pdf - 343.73kb)
Superseded (docx - 81.1kb)
​MEM​Manufacturing and EngineeringCurrent
​Not applicable​​22-6-15
MEM05​Metal and Engineering Current (pdf - 952.14kb)
Current (docx - 167.06kb)
Superseded (pdf - 907.02kb)
Superseded (docx - 157.74kb)

General Manufacturing

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
​AMPAustralian Meat ProcessingCurrent
Current (docx - 163.9kb)
Not applicable​14​-9-16
MTM11​Australian Meat Industry

(Superseded by AMP Australian Meat Processing)
Current (pdf - 460.55kb)
Current (doc - 978kb)
Superseded (pdf - 409.9kb)
Superseded (docx - 144.17kb)
​PMA​Chemical, Hydrocarbons and RefiningCurrent (pdf - 397.32kb)
Current (docx - 92.37kb)
Not applicable​7-7-16​
PMA08​Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining

(Superseded by PMA Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining)
Current (pdf - 369.15kb)
Current (docx - 83.7kb)
Superseded (pdf - 456.29kb)
Superseded (docx - 81.96kb)
FDF10​Food Processing Current (pdf - 436.39kb)
Current (docx - 146.42kb)
Superseded (pdf - 588.01kb)
Superseded (doc - 1.01mb)
​MSL​Laboratory Operations ​Current (pdf - 345.86kb)
Current (doc - 451.5kb)
Not applicable​​24-4-16
MSL09​Laboratory OperationsCurrent (pdf - 171.75kb)
Current (doc - 333.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 165.64kb)
Superseded (doc - 352kb)
​PMC​Manufactured Mineral Products ​Current (pdf - 359.02kb)
Current (doc - 329.5kb)
Not applicable​4-8-16​
PMC10​​Manufactured Mineral Products

(Superseded by PMC Manufactured Mineral Products)
Current (pdf - 139.26kb)
Current (docx - 72.6kb)
Superseded (pdf - 287.47kb)
Superseded (doc - 908kb)
​MSMManufacturing​ Current (pdf - 448.59kb)
Current​ (doc - 399kb)
Not applicable​​7-7-16
MSA07​​ManufacturingCurrent (pdf - 574.26kb)
Current (docx - 125.47kb)
Superseded (pdf - 363.49kb)
Superseded (doc - 1.08mb)
​PMBPlastics, Rubber and Cablemaking​ ​Current (pdf - 481.82kb)
Current (doc - 490kb)
Not applicable​​4-8-16
​PMB07​Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking

(Superseded by PMB Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking)
Current (pdf - 559.51kb)
Current (docx - 91.07kb)
Superseded (pdf - 256.91kb)
Superseded (docx - 89.76kb)
​ICPPrinting​ and Graphic ArtsCurrent (pdf - 637.75kb)
Current (doc - 1.03mb)
Superseded (pdf - 835.29kb)
Superseded (docx - 170.39kb)
SFI11​​Seafood IndustryCurrent (pdf - 555.78kb)

Current (docx - 126.07kb)
Superseded (pdf - 325.38kb)
Superseded (docx - 121.59kb)
​MSSSustainability​ Current (pdf - 494.86kb)
Current​ (doc - 522kb)
Not applicable​​9-8-16

(Superseded by MSS Sustainability)
Current (pdf - 440.11kb)
Current (docx - 99.76kb)
Superseded (pdf - 227.25kb)
Superseded (doc - 541kb)
​MST​​Textiles, Clothing and FootwearCurrent (pdf - 926.43kb)
Current (docx - 180.25kb)
​Not applicable​3-10-16
LMT07​Textiles, Clothing and Footwear

(Superseded by MST Textiles, Clothing and Footwear)
Current (pdf - 1.34mb)
Current (doc - 1.71mb)
Superseded (pdf - 979.26kb)
Superseded (doc - 1.87mb)

Human Services - Community Services and Health

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
HLT​Health Current (pdf - 278.75kb)
Current (docx - 89.51kb)
​Not applicable​10-3-16
CHC​Community ServicesCurrent (pdf - 333.2kb)
Current (docx - 90.48kb)
​Not applicable​4-3-16

Human Services - Arts/Entertainment and Recreation

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
CUV​Arts and Culture

Superseded by CUA Creative Arts and Culture)
Current (pdf - 220.39kb)
Current (docx - 68.68kb)
​Not applicable​7-2-14
CUL11​Library, Information and Cultural Services

(Superseded by BSB Business Services and CUA Creative Arts and Culture)
Current (pdf - 330.9kb)
Current (docx - 74.74kb)
Superseded (pdf - 107.86kb)
Superseded (doc - 364.5kb)
CUA​Creative Arts and Culture Current (pdf - 1.22mb)
Current (docx - 372.73kb)
Superseded (pdf - 248.96kb)
Superseded (docx - 85.18kb)
Superseded (pdf - 206.17kb)
Superseded (docx - 85.13kb)

Superseded by CUA Creative Arts and Culture)
Current (pdf - 185.07kb)
Current (docx - 79.01kb)
Superseded (pdf - 294.28kb)
Superseded (doc - 621kb)
CUF07​​Screen and Media

Superseded by CUA Creative Arts and Culture)
Current (pdf - 181.48kb)
Current (docx - 101.17kb)
Superseded (pdf - 338.51kb)
Superseded (docx - 174.76kb)
​SISSport, Fitness and Recreation​ Current (pdf - 445.69kb)
Current (docx - 121.95kb)
​Not applicable​25-1-16
​SIS10​Sport, Fitness and RecreationCurrent (pdf - 348.92kb)
Current (docx - 154.41kb)
Superseded (pdf - 343.38kb)
Superseded (docx - 135.72kb)
CUV11​Visual Arts, Craft and Design

Superseded by CUA Creative Arts and Culture)
Current (pdf - 275.54kb)
Current (docx - 100.58kb)
Superseded (pdf - 294.16kb)
Superseded (doc - 620kb)



Primary Industries

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
AGF07​Agri-Food Current (pdf - 86.03kb)
Current (doc - 149.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 93.21kb)
Superseded (doc - 259kb)
​AHCAgriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management​ Current
Current (docx - 407.19kb)
Not applicable​​17-11-16
AHC10​Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management

(Superseded by AHC Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management)
Current (pdf - 706.62kb)
Current (docx - 242.47kb)
Superseded (pdf - 690.96kb)
Superseded (docx - 266.1kb)
ACM10​Animal Care and ManagementCurrent (pdf - 327.49kb)
Current (doc - 735kb)
Superseded (pdf - 269.9kb)
Superseded (doc - 621.5kb)
​FWPForest and Wood Products​Current (pdf - 796.28kb)
Current (doc - 818kb)
​Not applicable​26-8-16
FPI11​Forest and Forest Products

(Superseded by FWP Forest and Wood Products)
Current (pdf - 409.86kb)
Current (docx - 167.28kb)
Superseded (pdf - 382.1kb)
Superseded (docx - 143.95kb)
​PPMPulp and Paper Manufacturing​Current (pdf - 448.4kb)
Current (doc - 326kb)
Not applicable​​13-7-16
FPP10​​Pulp and Paper Manufacturing IndustryCurrent (pdf - 154.19kb)
Current (doc - 326.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 926.5kb)
Superseded (doc - 341kb)
​RGR08​Racing IndustryCurrent (pdf - 388.61kb)
Current (doc - 676.5kb)
Superseded (pdf - 347.67kb)
Superseded (docx - 316.75kb)

Service Industries - Transport

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
​AVI​AviationCurrent (pdf - 232.14kb)
Current (docx - 94.13kb)
​Not applicable​2-6-16

(Superseded by AVI Aviation)
Current (pdf - 200.18kb)
Current (docx - 88.1kb)
Superseded (pdf - 276.28kb)
Superseded (docx - 107.41kb)
MAR​Maritime Current (pdf - 474.15kb)
Current (docx - 106.6kb)
​Not applicable​10-6-16

(Superseded by MAR Maritime)

Current (pdf - 118.7kb)
Current (docx - 74.54kb)

Superseded (pdf - 216.63kb)
Superseded (docx - 85.1kb)
​TLITransport and Logistics​ Current (pdf - 661.81kb)
Current (docx - 177.07kb)
Not applicable​​5-5-16
TLI10​Transport and Logistics

(Superseded by TLI Transport and Logistics)
Current (pdf - 358.02kb)
Current (docx - 137.23kb)
Superseded (pdf - 262.06kb)
Superseded (docx - 153.43kb)

Service Industries - General Studies and Further Education

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
FSK​Foundation Skills Current​ (pdf - 101.17kb)
Current (docx - 72.89kb)
Superseded (pdf - 110.24kb)
Superseded (docx - 78.2kb)
TAE10​Training and Education

(Superseded by TAE Training and Education)
Current (pdf - 256.24kb)
Current (docx - 97.71kb)

Superseded (pdf - 231kb)
Superseded (docx - 79.23kb)

TAE​Training and EducationCurrent (pdf - 79.09kb)
Current (docx - 67.24kb)
​Not applicable​16-5-16

Service Industries - Tourism and Hospitality

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
​SITTourism, Travel and Hospitality​Current (pdf - 946.69kb)
Current (docx - 322.08kb)
Not applicable​​4-5-16
SIT12Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Current (pdf - 305.29kb)
Current (docx - 125.62kb)
Superseded (pdf - 339.33kb)
Superseded (docx - 118.88kb)

Service Industries - Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services

Code​Title​Current​​Superseded​VPG Date
​SHBHairdressing and Beauty​ ​Current (pdf - 421.64kb)
Current (docx - 89.72kb)
Not applicable​​16-5-16

(Superseded by SHB Hairdressing and Beauty)
Current (pdf - 160.25kb)
Current (docx - 77.48kb)
​Superseded (pdf - 177.06kb)
Superseded (doc - 500.5kb)
​SFL​Floristry Current (pdf - 312.38kb)
Current (docx - 87.17kb)
Not applicable​​21-12-15
SIF​Funeral ServicesCurrent (pdf - 266.58kb)
Current (docx - 75.02kb)
Superseded (pdf - 170.12kb)
Superseded (docx - 85.28kb)

(Superseded by SHB Hairdressing and Beauty)
Current (pdf - 157.54kb)
Current (docx - 81.99kb)
Superseded (pdf - 154.14kb)
Superseded (docx - 84.52kb)
​SIRRetail Services​ Current (pdf - 397.33kb)
Current​ (docx - 129.19kb)
Not applicable​​10-6-16
SIR07​Retail ServicesCurrent (pdf - 257.19kb)
Current (docx - 103.58kb)
Superseded (pdf - 239.57kb)
Superseded (docx - 90.72kb)