Competency Based Training and Completion

​Competency based training and completion is an approach to vocational education and training that places emphasis on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of completing a program of training.

Competency based training programs are comprised of competency standards set by industry that each student is assessed against to ensure all the outcomes required have been achieved.

Progression through a competency based training program is determined by the student demonstrating that they have met the competency standards through the training program and related work, not by time spent in training. This way, students may be able to complete a program of learning much faster.

Registered training organisations (RTOs) have the prime responsibility for assessment of competency, consistent with the provisions of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). However meaningful and on-going consultation is required with the employer and the apprentice around the development, delivery and monitoring of a training plan and the attaining of competencies within the relevant qualification.

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