Pre-accredited Programs

Pre-accredited programs are short modular courses designed for learners to gain confidence and skills. They focus on creating pathways to further education and training or a step to employment.

Pre-accredited training has an emphasis on those learners who have not achieved Year 12 or an equivalent qualification. It addresses the particular needs of those adults who have experienced barriers to education in the past and find it difficult to undertake accredited programs as their first step back into education and training.

Pre-accredited program types

  • Employment Skills - Training in basic skills to support work or further learning, such as

    communications, teamwork and problem solving, job search skills.

  • Vocational Programs - Vocational education that assists people with skills acquisition required for specific occupations to start work, return to work or to change jobs.

  • Adult Literacy and Numeracy - Training in literacy and numeracy skills including teaching English language to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, for example English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Pre-accredited program design

Pre-accredited programs must satisfy the following criteria, which are consistent with the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student Statistical Data Collection Guidelines:

  • they are locally designed programs in line with the Pre-accredited Quality Framework (see: Pre-accredited Quality Framework)
  • they are not linked in AVETMISS reporting to a Training Package Qualification or a nationally recognised accredited module or course by use of a nationally recognised accredited course or module code
  • they are not marketed as accredited training. The names and codes of advertised courses or modules must be local
  • they are not assessed for the purpose of award or credit.

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