Learner Engagement A-Frame Program - Pilot

Learn Local organisations can apply for funding to improve engagement in training for hard-to-reach learners.


The Expression of Interest is open to all Learn Local organisations which have:

  • current registration with the ACFE Board for 2017
  • a pre-accredited contract for 2017
  • a current satisfactory Business Governance Status Assessment or a 2017 Skills First contract.

What is the Learner Engagement A-Frame Program Pilot?

The Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board is implementing the Learner Engagement A-Frame Program (LEAP) as a one-year pilot initiative to support Learn Local organisations to deliver programs that are a minimum of 5 Student Contact Hours (SCH) and fewer than 20 SCH, in order to engage hard-to-reach learners.

Pilot’s Objectives

The Pilot’s objectives are to:

  • provide Learn Local organisations with the flexibility to facilitate improved engagement with pre-accredited training programs for adults who face barriers to training
  • provide engagement activities linked to pathways to further training or employment
  • build the skills and capabilities necessary to participate in further pre-accredited programs or accredited education and/or employment.

What is the program duration?

The Board has established a separate funding pool of Student Contact Hours specifically for this one-year pilot program in 2017. The Pilot will run for one year, to the end of 2017.

What funding is available?

Funding for the initiative is through a Student Contact Hour subsidy rate, consistent with the existing pre-accredited rate of $8.20 per SCH.


Learn Local organisations can apply for LEAP through Expression of Interest rounds.

The third Expression of Interest round opens on 16 May and closes at 5pm 2 June 2017.

This is the final Expression of Interest round for the LEAP pilot.

Expression of interest categories

Learn Local organisations are invited to submit an Expression of Interest outlining how their proposed programs will improve engagement in training for the following learner categories:

  • Learners in thin markets and remote locations
  • Disadvantaged learners
  • Learners with multiple or complex needs
  • Vulnerable workers including those in industries in transition, for example automotive supply chain workers.

How to apply

Learn Local organisations will need to complete and submit a Delivery Plan for the Pilot with an A-frame Course Plan for each course proposed for delivery, that clearly outlines:

  • the engagement strategy the learner outcomes to be achieved
  • the rationale for proposing reduced delivery hours as the way to engage learners who would otherwise experience difficulty in accessing a learning pathway.

Learn Local organisations will need to:

Course delivery information under all rounds must be entered into SVTS using the code prefix ‘ACL’ to signify the Learner Engagement A-Frame Program pilot.

Participation in a formal evaluation process throughout 2017 is expected.