Workers Facing Retrenchment

This information is for workers who are facing retrenchment as a result of company closures or restructuring. As a retrenched employee, the Department wants to help you to access information about training that may help you to find new employment.

What support is available?

The Department's support for retrenched employees is provided through the Victorian Government's Business in Transition Support Program (BiTS), run by the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation. BiTS brings together state and federal government stakeholders to provide a coordinated response for you and your colleagues.

See: Business in Transition Support Program (BiTS)

Through BiTS, The Department's Regional Market Facilitation Managers can provide you with tailored information about:

  • the benefits of training
  • the Victorian Training Guarantee (how training is subsidised by the government and who is eligible)
  • the Victorian Skills Gateway (online information)

This information may be provided at an employee session hosted by your employer, or informally to you before or after your last day at work.

Some retrenched employees are also eligible for expanded access to government-subsidised training through the Victorian Training Guarantee, recognising that you may need to retrain in order to find new employment. The expanded access means that you could enrol in government-subsidised training regardless of any qualifications you already hold. Your Regional Market Facilitation Manager will advise whether or not you are eligible for expanded access to government-subsidised training.