Review of Quality Assurance in Victoria's VET system

Over recent years there have been growing industry and student concerns with the quality of training in Victoria. The Victorian Government made a commitment before the 2014 Victorian election to crack down on low quality VET providers and and introduce a more stable and sustainable training system.

On 20 February 2015, the Government commissioned an external review of quality assurance in Victoria’s VET system (the Review). The objective of the Review was to help restore public confidence in the quality and value of VET in Victoria, while contributing to the broader review of VET funding being led by Mr Bruce Mackenzie PSM. The Review included broad-ranging consultation with relevant government agencies, trade unions, employer groups, industry bodies and VET provider peak organisations.

The Government released the Review report on 29 June 2015, alongside a Government Response, and has accepted all 19 of its recommendations. Both documents are available below. The Review calls for an immediate, targeted blitz of the current system and identified four areas through which improved VET quality assurance will be achieved:

  1. prioritising quality in determining eligibility to deliver government funded training;
  2. improving key factors in a student’s training experience, such as the duration of training and the skills and abilities of trainers;
  3. actively monitoring and managing the performance of contracted training providers; and
  4. empowering students and employers to drive quality through informed choices and consumer protection.

The Response provides an overview of how the Government plans to implement the review’s recommendations.