Looking for Work

There are a number of services and organisations that can help you to find a new job.

Job search assistance

The Commonwealth and Victorian Governments offer information and assistance for jobseekers to allow them to access training, receive financial assistance and more importantly, find employment. You should make contact with these services as soon as possible.

Retrenched workers can have immediate access to intensive resources, tools and services from the Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Job Serves Australia.

The Commonwealth Department of Human Services

The Commonwealth Department of Human Services now provides some services formerly provided by Centrelink. They provide jobseekers with free access to Job Search facilities, including the use of printers and self-service computers. These facilities can help you identify current job opportunities and make contact with Job Services Australia and other local employment services.

For more information, see: Department of Human Services

Job Services Australia

Job Services Australia can help with:

  • job search, developing a resume, and job applications
  • up-to-date information regarding job vacancies
  • access to job-searching facilities
  • referral and placement into employment
  • personal skills assessments
  • skills development and training relevant to the needs of your local job market
  • referral to education or training opportunities including the Productivity Places Program, the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program, or the Adult Migrant English Program
  • help to gain licences, certificates or other qualifications
  • work experience opportunities.

For more information call 13 62 68 or see: Job Services Australia


If you are a job seeker and are interested in starting and running a small business, you may be able to access assistance through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). NEIS can provide you with accredited small business training, business advice and mentoring, as well as ongoing income support for up to 52 weeks.

NEIS is delivered by a national network of NEIS providers under Job Services Australia, in locations right around the country. NEIS providers include local organisations, such as Business Enterprise Centres, TAFE Small Business Centres, community organisations, and private sector businesses.

For more information on NEIS contact your local Job Services Australia provider.

Business Victoria

Business Victoria offers a wide range of information to help you with starting, running and growing a small business.

For more information call Business Victoria on 13 22 15 or see: Business Victoria