Fees for Recognition of Prior Learning

This information applies to students undertaking training courses. For information on university Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes and fees, go to the StudyAssist​ website.

What is recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

RPL is granted when a provider gives recognition to a person for part of a course, or the whole course, without having to do the study for that course. This is because the person is able to show that they have already undertaken the learning, through previous experience, or have developed the competencies in the workplace.

RPL assessments

RPL assessment is optional and only undertaken when a student applies for it. Formal assessment is conducted by teachers or assessors. Only providers on the Approved RPL Provider List can offer government subsidised RPL.

Approved RPL Provider List  (pdf 31 (pdf - 30.57kb) | Approved RPL Provider List (doc 31 (docx - 34.43kb)

Students normally receive advice before applying, and before going ahead, they must be given information about what it is likely to cost.

RPL fees may vary

RPL may be government-subsidised or charged on a fee for service basis. Contact your provider for more information.

Financial assistance

If your course is eligible for VET FEE-HELP (Diploma level courses and above), the fees for RPL can be covered by the loan as well as tuition fees.  This means that whether you are gaining recognition through undertaking the course or through an assessment process, you may be able to access assistance through a loan.

You can find out more about getting a loan to help you pay RPL fees in Financial Assistance.

More questions about RPL fees?