Course Fees

The course fees you will pay depend on the fees set by your Learn Local. Contact your Learn Local to get detailed information about course fees and costs.

Pre-accredited courses

These are initial vocational training courses that provide a pathway to accredited training and/or employment, provided exclusively through Learn Local organisations.

The Learn Local organisation can charge course fees up to the following limits:

Course category Rate per hour Total concession fee
Pre-accredited Up to $1.08 per hour Up to $50 maximum for a concession fee

Additional costs, such as for materials and administration may also apply.

Accredited courses

The Victorian Training Guarantee provides an unlimited number of government subsidised training places in accredited courses to make vocational education and training more accessible. If you are eligible for a government–subsidised place, part of the cost of the course will be covered by the government and the rest you will have to pay.

More information

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