List of Registered Training Organisations

​​​​​​​​​​​This page lists organisations that are contracted in Victoria to provide subsidised training to new students in 2017.​​

Recognition of prior learning

For information on which contracted organisations are approved to assess prior learning ​​under the Skills First Program, see:


Foundation skills

For information on which contracted organisations are approved to provide training in courses from the foundation skills list under the Skills First Program, see:


A registered training organisation can be approved in up to three ‘domains’. All Foundation Skills courses/qualifications fall into a domain, as noted on the Foundation Skills List: 

Young people transitioning from care initiative

For information of which contracted RTOs are approved to provide services under the Young People Transitioning From Care Initiative, see:

Training and assessment approved providers

For a list of contracted RTOs approved to provide training in courses/qualifications on the Training and Assessment Course List, see: