What Type of Training is Available?

​Your training as an apprentice or trainee may be delivered in two ways (or a combination of both):

  • workplace-based training from your employer
  • formal off-the-job training from a TAFE or training provider

What is workplace-based training?

Workplace-based training is structured training organised in the workplace by the teacher or trainer. It takes place when the apprentice or trainee is not undertaking regular work duties.

What is off-the-job training?

Off-the-job training is training that the TAFE or training provider delivers in a formal setting.  You and your employer will choose a provider for your off-the-job training and agree on a training plan.

How to get started

You and your employer will need to choose a provider for your formal training and agree on a training plan.

Your training plan outlines everything you need to do to get your qualification. It:

  • lists all the competencies you will be learning
  • outlines how, where and when training is delivered and who delivers it
  • records your continuing progress towards gaining your qualification

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