How to Deal With Problems

​​Most apprentices and trainees enjoy their training but sometimes problems do occur. If you are experiencing a problem the best thing to do is to seek advice.

Help with common problems

I am not happy with my training

If you are not happy with your training:

  • contact your nearest Apprenticeship Network Provider
    • or by calling
      Skilling Australia
      Tel: 13 38 73 (local call cost)

I am being harassed or discriminated against

Remember: harassment or discrimination is wrong, often illegal, and you don't have to put up with it. The best thing you can do is talk to someone about it. These people can help:

  • your Apprenticeship Network Provider
  • student counsellors at TAFE or your training provider
  • your employer, manager or a work mate you think may be able to help
  • your family and friends
  • your union
  • Job Watch - a community legal centre specialising in Victorian employment and training law

I think I am being underpaid

If you have a dispute with your employer over wages:

  • call the Fairworks Ombudsman:
    Tel: 131394

I think my workplace might be unsafe

No one should work in unsafe or dangerous conditions. For more information on workplace safety and to find a contact person:

I want to terminate my training contract

There may be times when either an apprentice or their employer would like to terminate their training contract. This decision should not be made solely by one party. Both the apprentice and their employer need to mutually consent to terminating the contract.

What is meant by Mutual Consent?

Mutual Consent only applies to apprenticeships and describes any agreement made by an apprentice and their employer as part of an apprenticeship training contract. The agreement may be to vary, extend or cancel their existing contract.

Mutual consent makes sure that an agreement can be reached and the training contract made without external influences or obligations, either positive or negative.