Responding to Retrenchment

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Responding to Retrenchment

​​​The Government is committed to supporting retrenched workers through access to training and the creation of new job opportunities.

What support is available?

Are you affected by the closure of the car manufacturing industry? Visit this site. The Department's Regional Managers work with Victorian businesses to facilitate a range of support services for workers facing retrenchment.

Support services include advice about careers, skills assessments and entry into a range of training opportunities through an approved training provider such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Support for retrenched employees is provided through the Victorian Government's Business in Transition Support Program (BiTS) run by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. BiTS is Victoria’s central program for support services for Victorian businesses undertaking or considering the retrenchment process. The program brings together state and federal government stakeholders to provide a coordinated response for you and your employees affected by retrenchment.

Through BiTS, DET’s Regional Managers provide retrenched employees with tailored information about:

This information may be provided at an employee session hosted at your business, or informally to individuals or smaller groups of retrenched employees, before or after their last day at work.

This support is designed to encourage retrenched employees to make informed choices about training that will help them transition to new employment.

Some retrenched employees are also eligible for expanded access to government-subsidised training through the Victorian Training Guarantee, recognising that retrenched employees may need to retrain in order to find new employment. The expanded access means that retrenched employees could enrol in government-subsidised training regardless of any qualifications they already hold. Your Regional Manager will advise whether or not your employees are eligible for expanded access to government-subsidised training.

Who do I contact?

For more information or to arrange a time to speak to someone from the Department about how you can help support your employees facing retrenchment, contact your nearest Regional Manager Regional Manager at one of the following locations.

Barwon South West
Office: (03)  9637 2751
Mobile:  0408 895 062

Central (Melbourne)
Office: (03) 9637 2796
Mobile:  0439 704 914

Office: (03) 8765 5715
Mobile: 0417 381 711

Office: (03)  9651 4509
Mobile:  0438 506 670

Office: (02) 6059 0209
Mobile: 0409 903 926

Loddon Mallee
Office: (03) 4433 8047
Mobile: 0418 861 511

Northern Metropolitan
Office: (03) 9935 0609
Mobile: 0418 680 719

Southern and Eastern Metropolitan
Office: (03) 9938 0145
Mobile: 0418 816 065

Western Metropolitan
Office: (03) 9334 1306
Mobile: 0418 559 375