Group Training

Group training is the easiest way to take on apprentices and trainees. In group training you get the benefits of carefully selected apprentices and trainees, short or long-term, without the bother of paperwork or payroll issues.

Why use group training?

Group training organisations make it simpler for businesses to take on apprentices and trainees, because:

  • they carefully select suitable apprentices and trainees
  • they handle the paperwork and payroll
  • they provide ongoing support to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • you have the flexibility to meet peak workloads and seasonal variations without the worries of long-term contracts
  • you get quality apprentices and trainees with group training's proven performance

Who can use group training?

Any business can use group training to employ their apprentices or trainees because group training organisations are active in just about every industry - from the traditional trades through to community, personal and business services.

How to get started

Contact Apprenticeship Employment Network for more information

Apprenticeship Employment Network 1800 819 747 (freecall)