Student and employer surveys

With the introduction of Skills First, Victoria is ensuring our training and TAFE system is better managed and delivers qualifications that lead to real jobs.

We recognise that the training and TAFE system needs better measures to assess the performance of individual training providers (RTOs). That’s why we’re committed to asking students and employers how satisfied they are with their training experience, and letting providers know where they are doing well and what they need to improve on.

Background to the survey

In 2014, Victoria undertook a national trial survey of students and employers to measure training providers’ performance. This work collected data based on an agreed set of student and employer outcome measures.

This trial survey has since become business-as-usual and is a key resource used by Victoria to manage the government subsidised market.

Outcome measures

Why outcome measures?

  1. To provide Government with the evidence and insights to improve the quality of the training system across funding, regulation, and innovation.
  2. To enable training providers to identify specific opportunities for improving the quality of training and student experience offered by their organisation. The measures also provide key market insights for competitive positioning based on performance.
  3. To inform Government and industry on the critical connection between skills, future jobs and growth of the economy,  They also demonstrate the performance and quality of Victoria’s training system required for national training benchmarks.

Annually, there are two programs of work that aim to contact approximately 220,000 students and 100,000 employers to seek their feedback on the performance of the training and TAFE system.

The Victorian Student Satisfaction Survey

The Victorian Student Satisfaction Survey collects informationfrom all Victorian students who completed or left the training and TAFE system in the previous calendar year.

The survey will ask a range of questions, including:

  • how and why you chose the training
  • satisfaction with the training
  • your employment situation after the training
  • what further training, if any, you are currently enrolled in
  • if you didn’t complete the training, why was this the case.

Key student outcome measures include:

  • proportion of students with an improved employment status after training
  • proportion of students who would recommend the training provider
  • proportion of students who are satisfied with training provided

To view the questionnaire, see:

The Victorian Employer Satisfaction and Skills Survey

The Victorian Employer Satisfaction and Skills Survey is an annual survey that collects information from employers on the training experiences of apprentice(s)/trainee(s), and about the training and skills needs of Victorian businesses.

The Victorian Employer Satisfaction and Skills Survey 2017 contacted:

  • Employers of apprentice(s)/trainee(s) to collect feedback on the performance of specific training providers they interacted with in 2016; and
  • A wider set of Victorian employers to gauge recent experiences in relation to recruitment, skills needs and training. This information is used to help improve the quality and alignment of the vocational training system to industry needs. To view the summary findings from the 2017 survey, see: Victorian Employer Skills and Training Survey

Key employer outcome measures include:

  • Employer satisfaction with the training and outcomes provided by specific training providers with which they had a training relationship
  • Identifying the magnitude of current labour and skill requirements across Victorian industries and regions
  • Identifying emerging skill shortages across Victorian industries and regions.

To view the questionnaire, see:

Providing feedback

The best way to provide feedback about your Victorian funded training is to respond during the survey administration time period either by completing the survey sent to you, or responding using any device that has internet access.

We will use the information that you provide to construct measures and findings that will be given as feedback to training providers. All students and employers are invited to be part of the surveys and this information is based on the reported data and training records received by the Department.

The Department receives data from training providers that receive government funding or through Trainee and Apprentice information.

Complaints about the conduct of Victorian training providers may be directed to the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

For further information about this, see:

Not all accredited training delivered in Victoria is funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training. Consumer complaints about other training may be registered with the Australian Government’s National Training Complaints Hotline:

Further information

For more information about professional development in the training and TAFE system, see:

Further updates about the project will be provided on this webpage as information becomes available. Training providers will be sent updates by mail or through the Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS).

For information and FAQs on the overall project, see: