A Commitment to High Quality Training

Victoria is leading the nation in its commitment to providing high quality training.

Under Skills First, the substantial Government funding available under the contestable system is better managed though a stronger approach to contracts and compliance.

New measures have been introduced, including a quality assessment for training providers and rigorous new training contracts with improved accountability requirements, guaranteeing value for money in taxpayer-funded training.

Skills First funding contracts with training providers are better aligned to workforce needs. They also include:

  • Penalties that can be applied to providers who fail to properly assess every student's suitability for their course.
  • The ability to publish results of student and employer satisfaction surveys.
  • New requirements to improve the quality of online and workplace-based training.
  • Requirements that training providers using brokers must disclose brokering arrangements on their websites.

Approximately 350 quality training providers hold contracts to deliver government-funded training in 2017 as part of the Skills First training market. The successful training providers were offered contracts following a rigorous and fair selection process where providers were evaluated against published evaluation criteria.

Evidence of an ability to deliver quality training and assessment was stressed, together with strong organisational capability, in particular demonstrated financial viability.

Skills First 2017 funding contracts were only for one year. The Call for Expressions of Interest for Skills First 2018-19 VET Funding Contracts will open at 2pm on 1 September 2017 and close on 28 September 2017.

Contracts offered to successful applicants will be 2 years in duration covering 2018-19. The Department has listened to feedback from training providers about the need to provide greater certainty and allow providers to invest in their business to deliver quality training.

This is appropriate as it is important the Department continues to monitor how the, managed market is operating to ensure it has the desired outcome for Victorians and industry state-wide.

Students who currently study with a provider that received government funding in 2016, but have not been awarded a 2017 contract, can continue to train with their existing provider until they have finished their qualification. This will also apply to students who currently study with a provider that receives government funding in 2017, but is not awarded a 2018 contract.

Skills First is leading the nation in ensuring quality in vocational and educational training and helping make Victoria - the Education State.

For more information on the Provider Selection Process for Skills First 2018-19 Funding Contracts, see the: Applying for a VET Funding Contract page on the Department's website.

For more information and resources on Skills First, see: Skills First Resources or contact us at skillsfirst.enquiry@edumail.vic.gov.au