Highlight: Danielle Kazi-Sheeden

​​Danielle decided to enter the male-dominated industry of shopfitting, a typical non-traditional industry for a female to be employed in. 

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Being a young woman in the male-dominated industry of shopfitting could have set Danielle Kazi-Shedden’s career back; instead the 24-year-old apprentice has only been inspired to push herself further. 

“I was determined to be even better now than the men and the awards I have won have proven that I can be,” she says. “My advice to anyone who is second guessing themselves about joining a non-traditional industry is to just do it. Try it out and work hard; get qualified.” 

Apprenticed to Whytehall Shopfitters in Clayton, Ms Kazi-Shedden last year won the Master Builders Association Joiner of the Year, Metropolitan Apprentice of the Year and Victorian Apprentice of the Year. She’s completed a Certificate III at Chisholm Institute of TAFE: “It’s a trade that combines a lot of trades into one. I get to do a bit of everything – carpentry, joinery, metals, electrical.” The jobs vary widely “because shops come in all different sizes and clients have varying needs” and it is this variety that is prompting Ms Kazi-Shedden to continue with her training. “I will do a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice where I will work on one big project, designing and building a learning space for a big disability service provider. After that, I would like to get my diploma.”