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Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program

There are currently thirty-six Victorian secondary schools delivering the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program. The SEAL program aims to address the learning needs of gifted and high potential students who are capable of working at a significantly faster pace and in greater depth than their age peers.

Learning in core subjects is accelerated for students in these programs, and opportunities for in depth study are provided. Students usually complete years 7-10 in three years, giving them an extended range of options for their final years of schooling.

Students may subsequently choose to complete additional VCE units, enabling them to accrue a greater breadth of subjects. Some students undertake VCE Extension Studies which allows them to complete one or more university subjects as part of their VCE. Some students choose to enter tertiary education after only five years of secondary schooling.

Secondary Schools with SEAL programs are situated throughout metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria. Each school is responsible for determining its own selection criteria. Enquiries about Select Entry Accelerated Learning Programs should be made early in the year prior to the students' year 7 placement. Entrance exams usually begin in May. Enquiries should be made directly to schools.

This Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program includes:

SEAL Guidelines 2007 - 2010 (PDF - 125Kb) (pdf - 124.99kb)
The 2007-2010 SEAL Guidelines include information on how to become a SEAL program school, the process of selecting students and how to implement the program.

Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) schools

This is a list of Victorian Secondary schools that have implemented the SEAL Program.

For enquiries about a particular school SEAL program contact the SEAL coordinator of that school – SEAL school contact details (PDF - 1 (pdf - 1.23mb)

School Phone
Balwyn HS 9819 7911
Bellarine SC 5251 9000
Belmont HS 5243 5355
Box Hill HS 9877 1177
Brighton SC 9592 7488
Brunswick SC 9387 6133
Buckley Park College 9331 9999
Dandenong HS 9792 0561
Emerald SC 5968 5388
Fairhills HS 9758 5022
Gladstone Park SC 9338 7122
Gleneagles SC 9708 1319
Horsham College 5382 0499
Keilor Downs College 9367 4200
Koo Wee Rup SC 5997 1444
Lilydale HS 9735 5644
Lyndale SC 9795 2366
Matthew Flinders Girls HS 5221 8288
McGuire College 5821 5966
Mill Park SC 9407 9700
Mordialloc College 9580 1184
Mount Clear SC 5330 1500
Mount Erin SC 5971 6000
Reservoir District SC 9470 3555
Rosebud SC 5986 8595
Sale College 5144 3711
Staughton College 9743 4622
Trafalgar HS 5633 1733
University HS 9347 2022
Wangaratta HS 5723 0500
Warrnambool College 5564 4444
Werribee SC 9741 1822
Westall SC 9546 3233
Williamstown HS 9399 9228
Wodonga Middle Years College (02) 6057 9000
Wonthaggi SC 5672 2022