Sample Science P-6

From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

About Sample Science

Sample Science P-6 is a unit planning resource for primary teachers.  It provides sample activities which teachers may use to develop units that support students to achieve the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) for Science.

The activities in Sample Science have been designed to support student motivation and engagement, as well as exploration and application of science ideas.

The User Guide provides further support for using the resource to its full potential.

Each unit addresses a number of science ideas and provides supporting links to 

  • the Science Continuum P-10 (a resource strongly aligned to supporting conceptual development and science pedagogy)
  • Digilearn online resources
  • useful web sites.

VELS levels and Units

Sample Science is organised according to the VELS Level at which students are working. With your students in mind, select the appropriate entry point.

My students are: