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Mathematics Online Interview

The interview was developed as part of the Early Numeracy Research Project (1999-2001). The interview consists of appropriate hands-on assessment tasks where students demonstrate mathematical understanding and preferred strategies for solving increasingly complex tasks.

  • Mathematics Online Interview ( secure website. This application can be accessed only by Victorian Government school staff - Edumail PIN and password required - this assessment is used by teachers in a one-on-one interview situation to determine students’ existing mathematical knowledge in relation to points of growth. Analysis of the responses provides teachers with powerful information to use when planning to meet student learning needs
  • Mapping the Mathematics Online Interview to the AusVELS: Mathematics (docx - 129.44kb) – links tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview to the Points of Growth, the Early Numeracy Research Project Growth Points and the achievement standard, content description and levels Foundation to 5 of the AusVELS: Mathematics
  • Mathematics Online School User Guide (PDF - 1.1Mb) - a comprehensive manual to support users of the Interview to conduct the interview, and print student profiles.
  • Links from the Interview to the Mathematics Developmental Continuum - 'I have done the Interview, now what …?' This resource links the Mathematics Developmental Continuum teaching strategies with appropriate tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview.
  • Mathematics Online Interview Booklet (PDF - 736Kb) - details each question in the Interview, preparation, how to administer and links with research.
  • Mathematics Online Interview Equipment Checklist (PDF - 6.4Mb) - lists the equipment and support material required for each section of the interview.  Some materials will need to be prepared before the interviews commence.
  • Mathematics Online Interview – Points of Growth (PDF - 36Kb) this resource contains the points of growth which provide a profile of mathematical skills and understandings in the sections of the Interview conducted.
  • Mathematics Online Interview - Starting Points - When interviewing a student who has a current interview record, teachers should start at tasks which are suitable to the students’ developmental level based on their performance through the previous interviews. This document can assist teachers to decide on appropriate starting points for each student.
  • Mathematics Online Interview - Observation Notes - These documents will support teachers to target their observations whilst conducting the Interview. It will be particularly helpful for teachers using the Interview for the first time. For each section in the Interview there is an outline of behaviours to watch out for, notes on special materials and task instructions, as well as sample student responses.