Fractions and Decimals Online Interview

From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

2017 Key information

From 2017, the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview (FDOI) is accessible online. See: Insight Assessment Platform

About the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview

The Fractions and Decimals Online Interview (FDOI) is a powerful tool to support teachers to assess the mathematical understandings and strategies of fractions, decimals, ratio and percentage of students in the Breadth stage of schooling.

This assessment is used by teachers in a one-on-one interview situation to determine students’ existing mathematical knowledge in relation to rational number concepts.

The Interview is targeted in the first instance for student in Years 5 to 8 but is also a valuable tool for assessing high achieving students in Year 4 or at-risk students in Year 10.

It will allow comprehensive collated data to be available that can be compared within schools to better understand student achievement and monitor student progress.

The Fractions and Decimals Online Interview is accessible from the Insight Assessment Platform

School user guide

This comprehensive manual and tip sheet can support users of the Interview to conduct the interview, and print student profiles:

Interview script

The following document is useful for familiarising teachers with the tasks and the language used in the interview and contains the teacher script question by question:

Equipment checklist

The following is the full list of printable materials required to conduct the interview. Use this list to ensure all materials are prepared according to the requirements of the interview:

Mapping the Interview to the Victorian Curriculum

The following document links each task from the Fractions and Decimal Interview to the Overarching Big Idea to which it relates. The task and the big idea are then related to the content description from the Victorian Curriculum F-10: Mathematics which provides the best match. Key aspects of the Proficiencies to the Interview task and related Overarching Big Idea are also included:

Big ideas

The following is a list of knowledge, skills and behaviours which students who have connected understandings of fraction ideas may possess:

Definitions of strategies

This resource will assist teachers in developing their understanding in relation to the types of strategies that students use to demonstrate their fraction understanding:

Classroom activities

These activities provide engaging tasks relating to questions in the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview. Teachers may use the activities to develop students’ understanding of the key ideas underpinning the Interview questions:

Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years

The following assessment materials, learning plans, authentic tasks and research findings are from the project that investigated a new assessment-guided approach to improving student numeracy outcomes in Years 4 to 8. The project identified and refined a Learning and Assessment Framework for the development of multiplicative thinking in the middle years using rich assessment tasks:

Assessment for common misunderstandings

The following assessment tools are based on a series of highly focussed, research-based Probe Tasks. The Probe Task Manual includes a number of additional tasks and resources which have been organised to address common misunderstandings:

Recommended readings

This selection of professional readings will support teachers to develop a deep understanding about the research underpinning the development of the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview: