Task Types and Mathematical Learning (TTML) - Data unit

From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

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Data unit

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The Task Types and Mathematics Learning (TTML) is a set of classroom activities that were designed by Victorian teachers as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project scheme conducted by Monash University and the Australian Catholic University.

Teachers may find the TTML activities useful when designing learning experiences for their classes.

Data unit: Weather project

Students record rainfall and temperature each day for 2 weeks, calculating the average, median and mode and presenting the data in a graph.

Data unit: Most commonly used letters

Students count and record how often each letter appears in a piece of writing. They then make a graph to represent this.

Data unit: Using Excel to present data

Students try different charts and graphs to find the best for presenting the Letter Frequency data.

Data unit: This goes with this

Using a strip of cardboard, students turn a strip graph into a pie chart.

Data unit: Finding similar graphs

Students choose a graph and find other people with the same kind of graph.

Data unit: Rock paper scissors

Students record and present in a graph the number of times rock, paper and scissors win.

Data unit: Matching graphs

Students match up pie charts and bar graphs representing the same data.

Data unit: Conducting a survey – two-way tables

Students survey the class on two questions and represent answers in a two-way table.

Data unit: Average height of class

Students measure their own height, cut a streamer of that length and lay out the class's streamers in order. They then work out the median, mean, mode and range of height for the class.

Data unit: Average height in school

Which year level would students with an average height of 135cm be in?
How would you find out the average height of Timbarra students ?

Data unit: A Sentence with five words

A sentence of 5 words with an average of 4 letters each but none with exactly 4 letters. How many letters might each word have had?

Data unit: Seven people went fishing

If the mean number of fish was 5, the median was 4, and the mode was 3, how many fish did each person catch?

Data unit: Clues on cards

From cards giving clues about the mean, median, mode, and range, you work together to find out what the data are.