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From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

The English Curriculum is part of the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. The Foundation to Level 10 curriculum sets out a single, coherent and comprehensive set of content and achievement standards.

VCAA English: Curriculum advice

Victorian Curriculum F-10 English - Rationale and Aims

Information for teachers to support teachers in planning teaching and learning programs to meet the diverse needs of students, including curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards, and scope and sequence charts.

For more information, see: Victorian Curriculum F-10 English - Rationale and Aims

Victorian Curriculum F-10 English - Curriculum Area Advice

Advice and resources for the English learning area, including curriculum-specific planning, assessment and reporting advice and links to external resources other resources.

For more information, see: Victorian Curriculum English F-10 - Curriculum Area Advice


VCAA Insight Assess Portal

Information and advice grounded in research from around the world, and ideas about effective assessment practices covering Foundation to Year 10.

For more information, see: VCAA Insight Assess Portal

Assessment - English Online Interview

Information, resources and tools to help teachers make a consistent and balanced assessment of student achievement.

For more information, see: Assessment - English Online Interview

Victorian Curriculum F-10 - Curriculum Planning and Assessment

Guidelines and advice on the effective use of the curriculum to plan for and assess student learning outcomes.

For more information, see: Victorian Curriculum F-10 - Curriculum Planning and Assessment


Information to help teachers write student reports that are accurate and comprehensive.

For more information, see: Student Reporting

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Developmental Continuum P-10

Indicators of progress for each Stage and mode of the EAL Standards, to support the assessment of students who are learning English as an additional language. Teaching strategies are also provided to assist teachers in the development of effective learning programs for their EAL students.

For more information, see: The EAL Developmental Continuum P-10

English Developmental Continuum F-10

Evidence-based indicators of progress, linked to powerful teaching strategies, aligned to the progression points and the achievement standards for the Victorian Curriculum F-10 English learning area.

For more information, see: English Developmental Continuum F-10

Learning and Teaching Support

Links to websites, online resources and tools that provide learning and teaching support for teachers.

For more information, see: Learning and Teaching Support

Literacy and Numeracy

Links to policies and supporting documents about teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy in Victorian government schools.

For more information, see: Literacy and Numeracy

Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia

Practical assessments that can be used to identify the nature of a student’s reading difficulty and focused teaching strategies that can be used to support the development of a student’s knowledge and skills in reading. For primary and secondary teachers to build their knowledge and understanding of reading difficulties and dyslexia.

For more information, see: Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia

Reading Training Videos

Supports teachers and school leaders in their understanding and use of the Continuum, to differentiate teaching by identifying what students are able to do, and planning for purposeful learning and teaching in reading. Whilst the videos make some reference to the former Victorian Essential Learning Standards, they are a valuable resource to support literacy.

For more information, see: Reading Training Videos



English-related websites and resources can be found by using advanced search on the FUSE Teacher Resources page.

For more information, see: FUSE

Contact: studentlearning@edumail.vic.gov.au

Information for Levels A-10

For level descriptions, content descriptions and achievement standards for Levels A-10, see: Victorian Curriculum F-10 English