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Work Experience

Work Experience is part of the schools’ educational program where students experience the world of work, often for the first time. It is the short-term placement of secondary school students with employers, to provide insights into the industry, and the workplace in which they are located. Students are placed with employers primarily to observe and learn – not to undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise. It is undertaken at the employer’s premises and has enormous benefits for students.

Amended Ministerial Order 382 and Arrangement Forms

As a result of amendments to the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, Ministerial Order 382 - Work Experience Arrangements, has been amended. Amended Ministerial Order 382 commenced on 1 January 2014.

Arrangements made* on or before 31 December 2013 for placements occurring during the period 1 January 2014 to 30 June 2014 must comply with the original Ministerial Order 382 (i.e. the Ministerial Order before it was amended).

Arrangements made* from 1 January 2014 (and any made before this date for placements occurring after 30 June 2014) must comply with Amended Ministerial Order 382 and be made using new arrangement forms as follows:

*made means that all parties have signed the relevant arrangement form.

New Process for Arranging Work Experience in New South Wales and South Australia from 1 January 2014

As a result of amendments to the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and the amendment of Ministerial Order 382, the process for arranging Work Experience for Victorian school students in New South Wales and South Australia has changed from 1 January, 2014.

A Victorian school’s responsibility for its students undertaking Work Experience in New South Wales and South Australia is the same as if the student were undertaking their placement in Victoria.

Students should be strongly encouraged to find work placements in their home state in preference to interstate placements. Reciprocal arrangements are primarily in place for students in those schools situated in regions adjoining the borders.

For arrangements made from 1 January 2014, permission will no longer need to be sought from the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities or the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development and these placements must be made using the new arrangement forms attached to Amended Ministerial Order 382.

All Victorian students undertaking Work Experience in New South Wales or South Australia will also be covered under the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s WorkSafe Insurance and Public Liability Insurance policies.

For more information, please refer to the Amended Ministerial Order 382 above.

Work Experience Resources

Work Experience students aged 15 years and over

Work Experience students aged under 15 years

Occupational Health and Safety

Prior to commencing Work Experience, students must satisfactorily complete occupational health and safety (OHS) training, either safe@work or for students with disabilities or additional needs, A Job Well Done. It is the responsibility of the principal to determine which OHS program is the most appropriate for the student to undertake.

To access these OHS programs and other OHS resources, see Occupational Health and Safety

More information

For assistance with queries relating to Work Experience arrangements, please contact the relevant organisation as outlined below.

School sector​ Organisation​ Contact details​

Secondary Reform, Transitions and Priority Cohorts Division, Department of Education and Training

Catholic Catholic Education Commission of Victoria​

Jenny Wilson

(03) 9267 0253​

Independent​ Independent Schools Victoria ​

Peter Roberts

(03) 9825 7200​