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Student Reporting

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s F-10 curriculum planning and reporting guidelines provide advice for schools on the effective use of AusVELS to develop whole-school curriculum plans and report on student achievement.

Victorian schools have the flexibility to determine - in partnership with students, parents and the local community - the timing, frequency and format of reports.

From 2014, schools are able to adjust their reporting arrangements to be consistent with these guidelines and reflect their teaching and learning program. Teachers continue to make informed, on-balance judgments against the AusVELS achievement standards.

For access to the full guidelines, see: F-10 curriculum planning and reporting guidelines on VCAA Foundation-10 Curriculum

Key guidelines

All Victorian government schools are required to report on student progress against the AusVELS achievement standards in English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education for every student every year. Reporting against Science may commence from year 3.
Student reports must be issued to parents/carers at a minimum of twice per year using a five-point rating scale to show student progress and achievement at the time of reporting.
Following Foundation year, schools must report on student achievement in each domain in the course of each two-year band of schooling, in accordance with their whole-school teaching and learning plan. Schools are not required to report on each domain every semester.
Reports must include information about the age-related expected level of achievement, except in specific instances for individual students where this has been determined unnecessary by the school in partnership with parents.

AusVELS curriculum in 2014

See the following web pages and circulars for AusVELS information.

  • AusVELS Curriculum - provides the prescribed curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards to be used by Victorian government and Catholic schools to plan, assess and report to parents.
  • AusVELS Resources and Support - information and resources to support the implementation of AusVELS including whole-school planning, assessment and reporting.
  • Navigating AusVELS - information to assist teachers navigate the AusVELS curriculum and clearly identify the location of achievement standards within each domain. This document has been designed to be used electronically.

Related support pages

  • Requirements for Software Developers - includes specifications and test data for software developers so that they can meet the minimum mandatory requirements for producing student report cards for Victorian government schools.
  • Sample Student Reports - provides descriptions of and links to sample primary and secondary reports for English as an Additional Language (EAL), Languages students and for students with an Individual Learning Plan or those using portfolios.
  • Personal Learning Goals - Personal learning goals are the behaviours, knowledge or understandings that students identify as important to their own learning.
  • Tips for Writing Report Cards - tips and examples to help teachers write clear, concise and meaningful comments by avoiding unnecessary information, jargon and other specialist terms.

Queries or feedback on report cards

For further information about the student reports or to provide feedback, email: