Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12

The Principles

The Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 (PoLT) and related components state that students learn best when:

  1. The learning environment is supportive and productive
  2. The learning environment promotes independence, interdependence and self-motivation
  3. Students’ needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in the learning program
  4. Students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking and application
  5. Assessment practices are an integral part of teaching and learning
  6. Learning connects strongly with communities and practice beyond the classroom

These principles can be used by schools, teams of teachers and individuals to reflect on practice and support professional dialogue to strengthen pedagogical practices. The Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 Unpacked section provides detailed explanations and teaching examples for each of the six principles.

The PoLT initiative aims to:

  • build consistent, comprehensive and improved pedagogical approaches within and across schools, while still allowing flexibility, innovation and local decision making at the school level
  • focus teaching to meet the diverse needs of students
  • strengthen learning communities within and beyond the school.