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Module 3 Assessment FOR Learning

Module 3: Assessment FOR Learning

Assesment For, Of and As logo
  • Assessment OF learning
  • Assessment FOR learning occurs when teachers use inferences about student progress to inform their teaching. It is frequent, formal or informal (e.g. quality questioning, anecdotal notes, written comments), embedded in teaching and provides clear and timely feedback that helps students in their learning progression. It has a formative use providing evidence that informs, or shapes, short term planning for learning.
  • Assessment AS learning

Facilitator Notes for Module 3 : Assessment FOR Learning


After completing Module 3 teachers will be able to:

  • make planning decisions for assessment FOR learning purposes
  • audit their own assessment practices to see how well they provide timely feedback to students that assists student learning
  • recognise the types of written feedback teachers commonly give to students, and give better quality feedback
  • create additional formal and informal opportunities to gain evidence of student learning in order to improve it
  • ask better quality questions as a key strategy in assessment for learning to gain feedback that shapes their teaching
  • identify the data available for a single student and use it to inform planning for learning
  • plan and implement some classroom-based actions following this module.
Module 3 - Activities and Description
The activities are the core activities.
Delving Deeper Activities Samples and Stories
Begin this session sharing ideas that colleagues have tried since last session - what worked and what didn't and ideas to try next time.



Activity 3-0 Assessment Appetiser: Student Reactions to Feedback (PDF - 78Kb)
What do students think of teacher feedback?



Module 3 Presentation (PPT - 556Kb)
The teacher’s role in providing feedback that shapes learning in formal and informal ways is described here.

Download and read:
"Formative Assessment - Implications for Classroom Practice"


Activity 3-1 Planning Decisions: Assessment FOR Learning: Purpose and Pathways  (PDF - 77Kb)
Groups of teachers will use the assessment planning process to make decisions when the purpose is assessment FOR learning.


Activity 3-2A Giving Feedback (PDF - 64Kb)
Through pondering prompts teachers can assess their current feedback processes and discuss productive strategies and sources.
Activity 3-2B Feedback on Feedback  (PDF - 74Kb)
Finding out what students think of teacher feedback

Samples of feedback

Activity 3-3 Giving Better Written feedback (PDF - 66Kb)
Through analysing written feedback teachers can identify where they are giving feedback that helps students learn and any traps they are falling into.



Activity 3-4 Gaining Evidence for Learning (PDF - 67Kb)
This explores a range of ways to gather evidence for learning purposes.



3-5 Quality Questions (PDF - 93Kb)
This activity involves peer observation where teachers observe, share and debrief about how well they are asking questions to gain evidence of students' learning.



Activity 3-6A What do I know about this student? (PDF - 93Kb)
Teachers choose two 'thermometer' students and find all the available evidence to build learning profiles that shape their teaching program.
Activity 3-6B Using evidence of learning FOR learning  (PDF - 81Kb)
Using assessment of learning evidence to improve future learning experiences.


Activity 3-7 Assessment Actions from Module 3  (PDF - 73Kb)
This will assist in planning follow up actions.


Professional Reading for module 3 (PDF - 65Kb)
This material provides additional ideas and draws together some important ideas for this module.

Module 3 Resources
Additional web links and texts are available here to follow up the ideas in this module.