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Curriculum Planning

The curriculum for Foundation (prep) to Year 10 in Victoria is known as AusVELS. AusVELS represents the integration of the new Australian Curriculum subjects into the previous Victorian curriculum framework known as Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). Curriculum planning is based on AusVELS.

Foundation – 10 Curriculum contains curriculum information, advice and the latest information. It includes links to the AusVELS Curriculum website and the Resources and Support website.

F–10 curriculum planning

Whole-school curriculum planning examples - Whole school curriculum planning plays a key role in enabling schools to deliver the AusVELS curriculum for all students, and reflects the decisions, resources and priorities of the school.

F–10 curriculum planning and reporting guidelines have been developed to provide advice for Victorian schools on the effective use of AusVELS to develop whole-school curriculum plans and to report student learning achievement. These guidelines set out an approach to curriculum delivery based on understanding learning as a continuum. The guidelines also provide flexibility for schools to specialise in particular curriculum areas and to develop teaching and learning programs that suit their particular cohort.

AusVELS Curriculum Planning Resource offers school leaders a range of resources to support planning and documenting a whole-school curriculum plan. It includes a self-assessment tool and a suite of curriculum planning examples for both primary and secondary schools.

Senior secondary curriculum

For more information about the senior secondary curriculum, see:

Transition to school

The Transition Learning and Development Statement ('statement') provides a stimulus for conversations between early childhood professionals, teachers, families and children and is a foundation tool for prep teachers to support children in their first year of school.

For guidance on using the statement to inform curriculum design and delivery, see: Transition Learning and Development Resources