Vignettes: Later Years - Yours and Ours

From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

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Vignettes – Later Years – Yours and ours

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Your and ours - a comparison of VET workplace experience in Victoria with Hanoi, Vietnam

Joe’s Year 10 English class includes a cohort of VET Hospitality students who have just completed a week at TAFE for the ‘Operations’ course segment, as well as a small non- VET class cohort, some of whom have part-time jobs in their community’s hospitality industry. The VET students have been keenly narrating their experiences to peers. Joe is eager to capitalise on this engagement and energy resulting from the TAFE experience. He asks them to develop a report about their experience. Joe explicitly teaches the characteristics of the form, and distributes a model of a report to all the class.

Joe asks the non-VET cohort to web-research the KOTO Know One Teach One hospitality training project in Hanoi, Vietnam ( ). This vocational training restaurant provides working and educational opportunities and essential life skills for disadvantaged children 16-22yrs who are usually living on the streets. In cooperative groups, the students prepare an informative group presentation about the similarities and differences in the training and experience of hospitality students. They allocate tasks and obtain promotional materials to model during the oral presentations. The students select a presentation method from ‘cue-card’, oral presentation; PowerPoint presentation incorporating photos; or data shows that guides students through a relevant web-site. Joe encourages the students to consult with school and community experts during their preparation. After rehearsing their presentations to the class, students invite stake-holders, friends and family to the presentation event. Joe identifies a pair of students to document a range of the student presentations onto the school web-site.