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Morwell Park Primary School, Morwell

National Partnerships Schools Forum presenterMorwell Park Primary School, with 357 students, is an area of high government housing with a Student Family Occupation index around 0.75. Student engagement has been a challenge for the school as it sees a link between student engagement and student outcomes.

The school has focused its improvement approach on Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to build teacher understanding of data and to further develop all teachers’ skills and capacity to differentiate teaching and learning to engage students and improve learning outcomes. The PLTs also provided the vehicle for building the teachers’ collective responsibility for student achievement across year-level teams. The school uses the Assessment and Learning Partnership Online System (University of Melbourne) to support PLT leaders.

Mathematics Specialists have provided significant support to further develop teachers’ pedagogical knowledge, analysis of data and the use of assessment tools to inform learning and teaching. This is achieved through PLTs, ongoing professional development (internal & external) and the support of teachers in the classroom.

Presenters: Chris Joustra, Principal; Maria Demetriou – Mathematics Specialist, Year 5-6; Alan Johnson – Mathematics Specialist, P-2; Pauline Little – Mathematics Specialist, Year 3-4