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Examples of Innovation

Learning from other innovators can be very valuable to your trial. It can give you the opportunity to see how they have faced the kind of challenges you have and what the outcomes were. You can find case studies, presentations, digital stories, podcasts and other resources about people's trials through the topics below.

We would love hear about examples and resources you find as well as your own successes (and even failures). This will help us continue the development of the site and make it as useful as possible for innovators, see: Feedback

Connecting on the Educators’ Guide to Innovation

Joining a professional network can also be an excellent way to gain the expertise and support you need to make your trial as successful as possible. The Educators’ Guide to Innovation has over 4,000 members who are interested in innovative ideas, approaches and practices in education settings. It provides a space for you to:

  • Connect, collaborate and share with people interested in new ideas and ways of doing things
  • Record and note your progress in the trial through blogging
  • Join in groups of people with particular areas of interest
  • Create your own groups for those involved in the trial to share documents, resources, etc
  • Access interesting information and resources posted by group member
  • Post or watch relevant videos
  • Attend and watch recording of web conferences
  • Add events to the site calendar
  • Work with people all over the world and from a range of education areas

To see what is currently happening in the network or join, see: Educators' Guide to Innovation