Planning - Framework

From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

Planning summary

The planning summary provides an overview of four issues that should be considered before undertaking detailed planning of an outdoor or adventure-based program. This summary is most useful when used in the initial stages of planning for the proposed excursion or program, and before bookings are made and dates are confirmed. As a final check before the program commences, it may also be helpful to apply the planning summary (doc - 15.39kb).

It is strongly recommended that you obtain the support of your principal for the proposed program before undertaking detailed planning.

Prior to departure, prepared documentation that might assist with emergency management must be lodged with the principal and the designated 24-hour school contact person.


You will need to explain the educational benefits that your students will gain, and how they relate to your school's curriculum.


The environment in which an activity is conducted is one of the most dynamic elements of the excursion. You will need to assess the opportunities and challenges that are reasonably foreseeable in the environment in which you will be operating.

You will need to consider how to manage the impact your program will have on the environment. You will need to contact land managers/owners well in advance to check for usage requirements or constraints.

Transport arrangements should comply with the School Policy and Advisory Guide - Transporting Students and VicRoads regulations, see: School Policy and Advisory Guide
Transporting Students
and  VicRoads regulations​


The activities undertaken as part of your program should support the educational purpose.

You will need to follow the specific guidelines for any activity you will be offering students, and to carefully develop detailed risk management plans.


Your students must have the capacity to manage the range of challenges that your proposed experience may present. You will need to prepare them adequately, and provide information that will allow for informed consent to be provided.

You must be able to supply an effective supervision and instruction framework.

The school council must give formal approval for your detailed plans.

Documentation that would assist with emergency management must be prepared and lodged with the principal and a designated 24-hour school contact person prior to your departure.

Approval process

For an excursion requiring school council approval the approval proforma must be completed and submitted to the school council before the excursion can proceed.

The teacher-in-charge of an excursion requiring school council approval must complete the approval pro forma (docx - 71.31kb).

The pro forma details the minimum requirements for approval and should be submitted to the principal.

Three weeks prior to the excursion teachers must also submit a notification of school activity using the Student Activity Locator online form (secure website - user name PIN and password required).

More information

For more information to guide the approval process, see: