From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

This section helps schools to develop a student engagement policy, promote positive student behaviour and how respond to challenging behaviour.

Every student deserves a safe and positive learning experience where they are engaged and supported to reach their full potential.

Student engagement policy

Provides advice on the development of a school-based policy. See: Student Engagement Policy

Student behaviour

Contains information on factors influencing student behaviour, and guidance on promoting positive behaviour and using a staged response to respond to challenging behaviours. See: Student behaviour

Engagement strategies and support available to schools

Details resources available to schools and suggests strategies to support engagement, including strategies tailored to specific groups at risk of becoming disengaged. See: Strategies and supports available to schools

Student mentoring program

The student mentoring grants program helps organisations and government schools in Victoria to develop new or expand existing mentoring programs for disadvantaged children and young people. To find out more and how to apply, see: Student mentoring program