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Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture

bankmecu and the Department hosted the inaugural Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture on 30 April 2013. The lecture was well attended and received excellent feedback from participants.

The lecture was established to honor Dr Lawrence (Lawrie) Shears who has played a significant role in education - as a classroom teacher in the 1940’s, to his position as Director-General of the Victorian Education Department. Dr Shears was awarded a Sir James Darling Medal in 2009, in recognition of his outstanding and sustained contribution to Victorian education.

The distinguished speaker at the lecture was Professor Suzanne Cory, one of Australia's most eminent molecular biologists whose research has had a major impact on the understanding of immunology and the development of cancer.  Professor Cory reflected on her career and her passion for lifelong learning and highlighted the important role education plays in developing a prosperous and cohesive society. 

As part of the event, the 2013 Dr Lawrie Shears Scholarship was presented to an outstanding PhD science student. The recipient of the Scholarship, Anna Vella, is a teacher completing a Doctorate of Philosophy in environmental science at Deakin University. Anna teaches at Copperfield College and has displayed a strong commitment to making a positive difference to her students and the broader community through environmental science education. The Department congratulates Anna on her outstanding achievement in winning the scholarship.

The Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture aims to enhance the vision of the Department and provide the opportunity for school leaders and practitioners from Victorian schools to reinforce their understanding of the importance maths and science has in equipping the students of Victoria with knowledge and skills that will ensure a successful future.

Keynote address

Professor Cory’s keynote address is available on the Australian Academy of Science website, see: Quality in Education- transcript from speech by Professor Suzanne Cory

The address is also available on the Academy’s You Tube channel, see: Quality in Education video - video of speech by Professor Suzanne Cory

2014 Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture

Planning for the 2014 Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture is underway. Further details of the lecture will be provided as they become available.