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Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture

The Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture series was established to honour Dr Lawrence (Lawrie) Shears. Dr Shears has played a significant role in education – from his commencement as a classroom teacher in the 1940’s,through to his time as Director-General of the Victorian Education Department. Dr Shears was awarded a Sir James Darling Medal in 2009 in recognition of his outstanding and sustained contribution to Victorian education. The Department partners with bankmecu to host this event.

The 2014 lecture was
delivered by Professor Collette Tayler, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne in the presence of Dr Lawrie Shears.

The 2014 Dr Lawrie Shears Doctoral Scholarship was awarded at the event at Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, 603-615 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne on Thursday, 14 August 2014.

‘Leading learning in contemporary educational settings: the work between a thousand flowers
blooming and shared models of teaching’

What does it mean to be a leader of learning in contemporary educational settings?

The formulation of practice in any educational setting is affected by vision and leadership, history and precedent, technical capacity and expectation, along with a mix of individual interests. If the measure of the success of an educational setting is the wellbeing and achievement of the learners there are lessons from research about the work of educators and their collective power to optimise learning outcomes. Individual, idiosyncratic approaches to teaching may tap teacher strengths and help different educational practices to bloom yet there is need for articulated, collective action to moderate the negative effects of any single approach on learner outcomes.

This lecture examines the place of, and arguments for, shared pedagogical models that are designed to support learners in local contexts. It considers the capacity of educational leaders to improve students’ personal, social and academic achievements when they apply shared pedagogical models with rigor, collect the evidence and analyse change in order to supply high-quality learning experiences and drive educational improvement. Components of effective teaching and learning are examined, and the case is made for educational leaders to focus on learning.

To access a video of Professor Collette Tayler’s lecture, see: Professor Collette Tayler’s lecture 2014

The 2013 Dr Lawrie Shears Public Lecture was delivered by Professor Suzanne Cory. The address can be viewed on the Australian Academy of Science youtube channel, see Quality in Education