Induction (Starting a New Job)

Help is available when you start a new job in a Government school.

For new and beginning teachers

Guidance to get you started is available in the online induction portal for teachers (eduMail password required).

Or view the Guide for beginning teachers (docx - 752.92kb)

For first time principals

The principal induction toolkit includes information to assist you in your first appointment as a principal. To log on, see: Principal induction toolkit (edumail password required)

Other useful resources are:

For principals who are welcoming new teachers

New teachers need to:

  • understand the culture and ethos of their school
  • know their professional obligations
  • be supported to develop their teaching practice
  • integrate into their school's professional learning communities.

Assisting teachers at the beginning of their careers helps build teaching excellence and improve student outcomes and retains teachers in the profession.

For detailed guidance, see: Principals guide for inducting new teachers (eduMail password required).


Develop a mentoring culture in your school by encouraging your experienced and enthusiastic teachers to register for the Effective Mentoring Program.

The program focuses on:

  • building knowledge of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • using the inquiry approach to gather evidence to fulfil the requirements for registration
  • skills and knowledge fundamental to mentoring.

For more information, see: Mentor training for experienced school teachers