School Cleaning

The process for bringing on contract cleaners depends on whether you're a metropolitan or regional school.

Cleaning contracts for metropolitan schools

A new area-based model for school cleaning starts from 1 July 2018.

The tender process for the new model has closed. We will notify schools, cleaners and cleaning businesses of the outcome in the coming months.

The new model will ensure cleaning staff receive fair working conditions and industry standard pay and entitlements.

Cleaning contractors who are impacted by changes to school cleaning arrangements can get support from the Department. This is known as the practical support program. For more information, see: Support for cleaning contractors

If you are currently part of the school cleaning workforce, and you are interested in employment in the new model, you can register your interest

For further information on these new cleaning arrangements in Victorian metropolitan schools, please email, call 1300 842 754 or write a letter to the address below.

Cleaning reforms factsheet
Cleaning reforms frequently asked questions (docx - 227.38kb)

Cleaning contracts for regional schools

Regional school councils engage contract cleaners through the school contract cleaning panel.

Cleaners on this panel have satisfied certain criteria, including:

  • safety and quality
  • assurance
  • labour and management practices
  • compliance with relevant legislation and regulation.

Use the cleaning panel search tool to find an approved contractor (edumail login required)

For the engagement process, see: School contract cleaning (edumail login required)

Apply to be on the regional cleaning panel

Cleaning companies can apply to be on the cleaning panel by submitting an application form:

You must submit one copy of the application form and two copies of the Department panel agreement.