From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

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Education partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, and are as unique as the schools in which they operate. Before identifying a potential partner, it’s important to know the key features that make a partnership work.

What makes an effective partnership?

Effective education partnerships:

  • have clearly defined, mutual goals
  • have goals and actions that are supported by evidence
  • are thoroughly and strategically planned
  • have clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • are an integral part of both the school and organisation’s culture
  • encourage collaboration, consultation and shared decision-making
  • have strong leadership
  • are equitable and sustainable
  • have a sound evaluation process, and
  • are able to respond to change.

With these points in mind, the next steps in creating an education partnership are identifying what your school’s goals are, which types of partnerships might best help you achieve them and finding who you should partner with.