Outside School Hours Care Services

​​​​OSHC services provide care for primary school age children outside school hours and during school holidays. They are usually located at primary schools or nearby.

A school council decides whether to establish an OSHC service. The school council also decides whether the service is managed by them, or delivered by a third party provider. If a third party provide the service the school council still have responsibilities in overseeing a quality service for the school community.

A Guide to Outside School Hours Care Provision: Support for school councils to establish and operate an OSHC service provides an overview of the regulations for early childhood education and care services under the National Quality Framework, legal requirements and operational guidance.


The guide was developed in partnership with Community Child Care Association and includes links to other sources where schools can find additional and up-to-date information. For example, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority as the national body overseeing the National Quality Framework, and the Department’s Quality Assessment and Regulation Division.