Personal Hygiene

From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

For more information on the curriculum, see:
The Victorian Curriculum F–10 - VCAA

Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools help students manage their own personal hygiene routines.

Prerequisite policy


To ensure schools help students manage their own personal hygiene routines.


Schools may create a Hygiene Care and Learning Plan to:

  • involve students identified with a need in the step-by-step processes of:
    • hand washing
    • face washing, especially after eating
    • blowing and wiping their noses
    • menstruation management for those who need reassurance, verbal support or assistance
  • positively reinforce any progress.

All personal hygiene management practices must also reflect occupational health and safety standards for the school.


Providing soap

Schools have a responsibility to provide soap in student bathrooms, to assist with the prevention and control of infection. The manner in which soap is supplied should be determined by the school.

Soap is preferred over alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Only where soap or running water is unavailable should hand sanitisers be provided. Provision for the cost of school consumables such as soap is included in the cash component of the Student Resource Package.

Where appropriate, the school may choose to use a Hygiene Care and Learning Plan to maximise opportunities for students to manage tasks such as hand washing.

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