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Swan Hill Primary School

School context

Swan Hill Primary School photo

School Type: Primary school 

Region: Loddon Mallee

Students: 560

Staff: 38 teaching, 23 non-teaching

Principal: Hayley Doyle

Accreditation: 2006


Staff Induction has been a focus for our school, necessitated by the fact that we have employed 6-8 graduates every year since 2004.  Coaching has been an important strategy in this process. 

School approach to the next phase

  • engaging staff in activities at after school meetings.
  • using the e5 Instructional Model to frame discussions & develop goals through the Performance Management process.
  • using the e5 Instructional Model to guide discussions around Learning Walks.

School approach to each element


Element 1: induction into the school or into a new role

  • provision of a Staff Induction Booklet and a package of other information for staff before they start at our school
  • arranging for new staff to spend 3 days at our school before starting in their new role
  • providing a mentor and coaching for all new staff
  • year levels plan in teams for at least 90 minutes each week, which is an enormous support for graduates and other new teachers to our school.



Element 2: multiple sources of feedback on practice

  • coaching
  • our school is part of the Triads trial in the Loddon Mallee region.  This project requires staff to visit each others classrooms and use Peer Coaching Protocols to help each other think more deeply about their work
  • host teachers receive feedback after Learning Walks
  • grade 5 & 6 teachers receive Student Attitudes to School Survey data specific to their class.



Element 3: individual performance and development plans aligned to school goals

  • all staff receive a poster version of current school priorities and use them when developing goals for Performance Plans.



Element 4: Quality professional learning

  • the vast majority of our PD is done internally, largely through our coaches
  • our timetable is set up to enable teachers within year levels to plan together each week - a great deal of sharing and learning happens in these sessions
  • learning walks.



Element 5: belief that the school has a Performance and Development Culture

  • no teachers stay in the one role for more than 5-6 years, helping to create an environment where we are all learning new things.
  • leadership development is a focus across the school, particularly for Year Level Coordinators, Committee Chairs and members of the Leadership Team.