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Silverton Primary School

School context

P&D Culture Reference School - Silverton PS

School Type: Metropolitan primary school

Region: Southern Metropolitan Region

Students: 390

Staff: 27 teaching, 10 non-teaching

Principal: Mr Tony Bryant

Accreditation: 2006


Silverton Primary School has flexible learning areas with teachers working as teams in a supportive and professional environment. The school aims to improve student learning outcomes by raising teacher capacity through coaching, mentoring and quality induction programs for all teaching and non-teaching staff. Staff believe that good teaching practice based on sound educational research and quality professional learning opportunities creates a whole school culture of improvement.

School approach to the next phase

The school's approach to the next phase:

  • to improve teacher capacity through research and quality professional learning
  • to trial innovative practices
  • to measure the quality and impact of professional learning on student outcomes
  • to further develop an authentic child-centred curriculum.

School approach to each element

Element 1: induction into the school or into a new role

  • graduate teachers spend regular time with their mentors including observing each other teach
  • the team structure in flexible learning areas supports new teacher’s induction
  • new teachers begin the induction program prior to starting at the school
  • the induction program is evaluated each year by both the mentor and mentee.


Element 2: multiple sources of feedback on practice

  • all staff are involved in a formal “Critical Friends” program where observation of each other’s teaching is an essential component
  • staff complete a self evaluation booklet based on the Professional Standards of Teaching
  • staff video each other teaching as a support for further discussions
  • staff meet regularly with Teaching and Learning Coaches for feedback
  • designated ICT Peer Coaches provide regular feedback
  • all staff complete the ePotential survey and discuss results with ICT Peer Coaches.


Element 3: individual performance and development plans aligned to school goals

  • plans are regularly updated and monitored by Coaches every six months
  • there is an ICT component in all personal plans.


Teacher Annual Reviews for 2008:

Element 4: quality professional learning

  • teachers are given opportunities to apply for school-based research grants
  • teacher exchange between schools is encouraged
  • staff travel locally, overseas and interstate to see quality teaching and learning practices
  • teachers are given quality readings to discuss in teams
  • teacher research teams are established
  • the school hosts many visitors from local, interstate and overseas to see good teaching practices in flexible learning areas.


Element 5: belief that the school has a Performance and Development Culture

  • risk taking and innovation are encouraged and supported throughout the school
  • the school has established very strong professional learning teams in all flexible learning areas
  • meetings focus on data analysis and improving teaching practice
  • school data is displayed and updated regularly in the staff room for all staff to see and discuss.